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The Coach Foundation Is Giving Back With the Help of Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan

Today, the Coach Foundation announces its new Dream It Real initiative, a furthering of its philanthropic work that has seen the brand donate more than $45 million to nonprofits in the past decade. As a part of the Dream It Real initiative, Coach will donate $1.4 million to the Future Project, an organization that equips high schoolers with the skills they need for college and beyond. Coach ambassadors Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan will make appearances in partner schools to help mentor students.

“Upon first meeting with the team from Coach, I was initially drawn to working with them because of their emphasis on giving back,” Gomez tells Vogue. “The Future Project, in particular, is very important to me as investing in young people is something that is needed now more than ever.”

In working with students, Gomez, Jordan, and the Future Project team hope to inspire a new generation to believe that the American dream is for them—an especially powerful idea at a moment when the current administration seems determined to strip so many of us of our rights. “Virtually every movement in history has been led by young people—and today, we need their leadership more than ever,” says Kanya Balakrishna, CEO and cofounder of the Future Project. “We are proud to partner with Coach, a brand that is willing to stand behind the unlimited potential of a generation.”

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