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Look pretty in pastels this winter

The temperatures may not be dropping as much as we’d like, but don’t let that stop you from wearing your muted hues. Just because these shades are a tad more ‘quiet’ on the color wheel does not mean you can’t make a bold fashion statement! They’ve been around for the fall, and they will still be with us well through the winter. Ladies, I’m talking pastel colors!

Despite popular belief, these softer colors have a special way of bringing out the true definition of winter. In the fall, we generally want to go with more vibrant colors, and while they’re still great for the winter, this is the moment to make use of shades with the words ‘dusty’ or ‘baby’ in the description.

The fall/ winter 2015-2016 fashion trends came on strong in showing off a hint of 70s fashion revival, with a transition into the latter half of the 20th century. With staple details such as lace and boho fringe, these trends were made big. Many have gotten used to believing that the purity of pastels is more for the warmer months, reminiscent of soft spring beauty. Rest assured, though, that baby blues, dusty pinks, muted mints, lovely lilacs and subdued yellows are part of the must-wear fall/ winter 2015-2016 color trends.

Often times, powdery pastels are considered staple colors, which help add a nice and sophisticated pop of chic to most outfits. However, it’s time to let these hues take center stage. Dusty pink is one of the most popular of pastel shades, especially this season. Just as mentioned in the fall fashion article, aquatic blues, light green sages and off-whites are some great suggestions when it’s time to color block with that shade.

On that note, don’t neglect your neutral toned footwear, which really ties pastel colored outfits together flawlessly. This is when you’ll especially love and make use of your booties, wedges, pumps and boots in anything in the tone of hazelnut, cognac, brick, mahogany, taupe and pretty much anything in between. When using pastel shades, it’s fun, stylish and easy to create what I like to call the “Neapolitan” look.

When done right, white can be used flawlessly (besides an all-white look) and, no, there is no reason why you should believe it’s ‘only for Labor Day.’ Now, with the “Neapolitan,” you want to use your “chocolaty” shade equivalent in the shoe region, the “vanilla” can go interchangeably with the “strawberry,” in this case pastel color, as either the top or bottom part of your look. One way to execute this would be to wear a top in a pristine white shade, pastel colored denim and a neutral colored shoe. Another way is to wear your pastel shade up top, white denim as a bottom, and again, your neutral toned shoe. You can always opt for a chambray/denim top, and then just tie together your outfit by making use of statement jewelry in whatever part of the “Neapolitan” you want to accentuate.

Regardless of how you decide to make use of soft shades this winter, the possibilities are endless and it truly is time to revive and invigorate your wintertime wardrobe with the presence of pastels!

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