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Sashay your way into spring fashion

top-fashion-trends-2015-suedeIn just a little over a month it’ll be time for the air temperature to warm up, daylight hours to increase and new leaves and flowers to blossom. Ladies, I am talking the coming of spring, and as we all know, season shifts also mean the blooming of beauty trends! Here are just a few suggestions for you to try during this upcoming season’s fashion movement.


When it comes to fabrics of the season, these take center stage. Since we are experiencing the hint of 70s fashion revival, suede is seen on anything from dresses to A-line skirts. Chiffon is a beautiful, breathable material which is silk and nylon based and it just screams spring, whether as a top or as the overlay of a maxi dress. These fabrics alone are fab, so definitely consider adding them to your wardrobe.

Hot and Cold

What do I mean by this? This is undoubtedly the season in which we see the warm and cool color blocks work together beautifully in the same outfits. It’s old, and I mean old news, to say that being super matchy-matchy is not really relevant. There’s nothing wrong with matching, and at times that in and of itself defines classic, conservative fashion (for those bold all white or all black looks). However, color blocking is such a fashion forward way to express your trend consciousness. I love the color wheel, it serves us well.

For the ‘hot’ palette, we’re looking at deep peachy to coral tones, and for the ‘cool’ palette,
we’re thinking ‘marina’ shades- anything from cerulean, celestial shades to minty shades and even as deep as cobalt and indigo. Alone, these colors are amazing, but put them together in a look and you’ve got fire in a ‘fit.

Retro Look and Moroccan Inspired Patterns

Tunics, bright colors, looser fitting dresses in more of a blouson, shift, or cold shoulder style-these are some of the things to look for. This isn’t the time to go for the tighter fitting clothes, at least not all the time. Moroccan inspired looks make use of intricate patterns, prints and bold colors. Try combining both elements and shop for a fun jumpsuit with a neon painted embroidery on top, for example.

The Tri-‘F’-Ta

This is the moment for flare, frills and fringe to shine. I’m not going to lie, you’ll continue to see your fair share of flare! It’s especially prevalent with the highly popular boho chic clothing which is in every corner of retail stores now. Flared sleeves on a tie up, frilly peasant top, flared jeans or bellbottoms and palazzo pants- these are some of the best ways to try out this trend. Fringe has been our friend since the winter, and just as suspected, it is still here. Some of the best ways to include fringe in your look is in shoes and bags, they really make for some awesome staple items for your look.

Sugar & Stripes and Everything Nice

Stripes done right can really make for a bold fashion statement, anytime, but especially this season. T-shirt dresses are a must, and it is easy to find cute, inexpensive ones with stripes. These can easily be dressed up with studded pointed flats or a bold colored wedged sandal. For the most part, I tend to recommend vertical striped items for most people. They are truly a lot more flattering, as they give a smoothing and lengthening illusion. Long story short, stay away from horizontal stripes or make use of them at your own risk. If you’re more of a risk taker, opt for a chevron print, which is more of the funky and fun, zigzagged cousin of stripes!


Let’s face it, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss were truly on to something back in the 1870s. Denim and blue jeans will never not be relevant! Ankle length jean bottoms with tears and patchwork, acid washed, distressed, dark denim- it doesn’t matter, you need jean! Denim and chambray tops are staple items for any season, and they’re a great way to dress casually and still look more than fashionable. Pair a denim top with coral bottoms and mint shoes, and you’re really on to something wonderful. Belted denim shirt dresses with heels and a chunky statement necklace are always fun. Oh, and let’s not forget, get yourself a cute denim jacket to layer over camis and dresses. Until next time, have fun trying out these looks, dolls!

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