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Fun style ideas for your flawless fall fashion

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are changing, the weather slowly starts
to cool down and suddenly you realize it’s time for a wardrobe makeover. As the new
season calls, doesn’t it make sense to answer in style? Here are some options to
consider that will keep you fashion forward this autumn.

First thing’s first– Don’t bash it until you try it. There are many hemlines and
colors out there that people shy away from! Don’t be that person. Remember that it’s
not about the color, it’s about the shade. Play around and experiment with different
shades, and rest assured because that one color you once said you’d never do will
instantly become a wardrobe staple.

Speaking of color, do yourself a favor and get a taste of the fall-forward color
that looks absolutely beautiful on everyone! The color of the season is “merlot.”
Some call it wine, others call it burgundy, few know it as oxblood- it doesn’t
matter what you call it, it’s a must-have. Not only is it great and versatile in
your wardrobe, but it’s also a good idea to have it in your accessories-especially
shoes, bags and belts. It’s like the black of the fall, it simply works and goes
with just about anything!

Some other must-have colors of the season are rust, burnt orange, scarlet red, deep
mustard, hunter green, and believe it or not, a nice pink and pristine white color
combination is a very good idea. The last color combo will be popular well into the
winter, so don’t shy away from the whites and pastels, especially in dusty pink
tones! Some great accent colors to color block with these hues are aquatic blues,
light green sages and off-whites.

So naturally, you want to look trendy and classy, but most definitely don’t want to
break the bank while doing it. The key, for most fashionistas, is to find pieces
that look expensive, but are actually affordable. Here are some of the things to
look for and invest in.

Boho fringe
It’s been here since the summer and it’ll be here through the winter. It’s a fringe
fashion-filled world we currently live in! It’s on shirts, skirts, bags, boots and
pretty much anything. Try it. Embrace it. Love it or leave it because it is not
leaving you any time soon.

A timeless staple that is rarely absent from any woman’s wardrobe. It’s classy, it’s
elegant and it’s very much in. The best way to wear it is either in dresses or tops,
but make it the staple of your outfit. Avoid stealing its pop of chic power by
pairing it with other busy prints or fabrics. If you do this, your outfit may look
tacky or like a fabric shop exploded on you.

Twist-front tops
Especially in high-low style shirts, twist-fronts are a fun piece of wardrobe to
own. You can wear different colored tanks and shells underneath, pair it with fleece
lined leggings or denim at the bottom, top it off with a statement necklace and
you’ve got a great outfit going for you.

Maxi/Long-line tops & cardigans
Many people say that this style makes them look short and/or stocky. Personally, I
say work with what you have! Whether you’re petite, tall, slim, fuller-figured or
anything in between or beyond, you should never shy away from trying anything. You
know your limits and comfort levels, and long hemlines and ‘shark-bite’ style tops
are here to stay this fall, so work it even if that means adding some pumps or
wedges to your outfit to give you a little elevation for this look!

Asymmetrical hems
This is just a fun way for you to experiment with different cuts and linings,
especially with tops and dresses. Go with what you feel most comfortable in and what
accentuates your best assets. Tops this season are longer or high-lows, so try some
printed leggings with a funky hemmed shirt in a bold, solid color.

Cocoon sleeves
Sleeves just being sleeves simply doesn’t cut it anymore. This style gives an almost
butterfly effect, and it’s great for belting or just a loose overlay if you’re
layering with something like a long-line cardigan. Ruched sleeves, which are
gathered strips of fabric used for trimming in many dresses, tops, blazers and
cardigans is also a great type of sleeve to implement in your wardrobe this season
and just in general.

Chamois /Suede
Suede is great in boots, heels, bags and even your clothes! Go for something bold
like an A-line button front suede skirt in a rust color and pair it with a tucked in
denim shirt (denim is always a good idea, don’t deny the denim this fall or ever!),
some shooties and a bold statement piece around your neck. No matter what you do,
make sure to do yourself a favor and suede your way into fashion this fall!

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