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Fitness App Gives You a Free Personal Trainer


By Deirnesa Jefferson

Have you ever thought, it would be so much easier to exercise if I had a personal trainer? Well a new fitness app called Fitnet aims to make that dream a reality. 

Fitnet is trying to deliver that personal trainer in real time, coaching you via smartphone or tablet while you exercise. The app uses your phone’s camera to analyze how well you are doing in your workout. The app also gives you a score based on your performance during an individual workout session. The next phase of the app is to send the data in real time to a personal trainer who then gives the user feedback. The real time feedback to users gives them an experience that feels more like an in-person session with a coach. 

The free app beats paying $45-$200 per hour for a personal trainer and also beats paying for a gym membership. The fit net app gives you flexibility and allows you to do workouts based on your schedule and also from the comfort of your home. 

The app also includes over 100 free fitness videos ranging from yoga, taiji , strength training and cardio workouts. Fitnet offers workouts at various intensities making it ideal for beginners and experts. 

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