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5 Things To Know About Eyelash Extensions

(VIA Fashion Central)There are some things that you may want to know abouteyelash extension. Here are five things that you must know about eyelash extension before opting it. Almost every woman wants long and thick eyelashes and to fulfill her desire she tries a number of things. Fashion and overall beauty looks incomplete without long and thick lashes. It has become part of fashion. From mascara to lengthening serums and re-usable fake lashes, there are a plenty of eyelashes extension products in markets.

But all these offers are temporary. The solution most and most women are opting these days is eyelash extension. Eyelash extension is new technique that will help you out in extension of your lashes to make your eyes to look gorgeous. There are some things that you must know about eyelashes extension before you are going to adopt this technique.

1. First of all you must know what actually eyelashes extension is. Lash extensions are synthetic lashes glued individually to your natural lashes to enhance thickness, length and color. Synthetic lashes are made up of synthetic like mink, silk and even human hair. Use of fake lashes is not a new thing but the difference between old and new technique is that in new technique of extension, lashes are glued with your natural lashes instead of skin giving you long lashes, you are looking for. Unlike traditional fake lashes they don’t come in a strip or use any adhesive harmful glue.

2. If you are going for lash extension, then you must know how long do they last. These lashes usually last between 2-4 weeks or can be last for 6 weeks if you take exceptionally good care of them.

3. Eye lash extension will not result in falling out your natural lashes. It has no side effects. You have to be extra careful about lashes. After getting eyelash extension, it is necessary to prevent contact with water in the first 24 hours in order to set lashes properly.

4. The question that may click in your mind is that what happens if glue gets in your eyes during lash extension. Since your eyes are shut the whole time lash extensions are being applied so no glue will get into your eyes. Before getting ash extension, make sure that glue which is being used in this extension is safe for your eyes.

Make sure that glue is free from all harmful chemicals that can damage your eyes such as formaldehyde. You may get allergy by the glue but it is not infection. An experienced and licensed lash extension technician will not let any infection to occur. There are different types of glues used in this extension depending upon one’s sensitivity.

5. After extension, you should avoid mascara. After extension you may not need to use mascara. If you can’t resist yourself to use mascara then it should not be oil based because this can affect the glue utilized to bond the actual extension to thenatural eye lashes.  Don’t use eyelash curler on extensions. If you want it then consult your extension technician. And if you want to pull off your synthetic lashes then don’t try it yourself. Go to your professional who applied them to remove.

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