Copa: Brazil Dominates, Haiti’s Spirit Soars

image-2Brazil defeats Haiti 7-1 in the Copa America Centenario, Orlando, FL – It was a historical night. Brazil. The gold standard in soccer. Every move expected to be done in excellence. Winner of multiple titles and championships. A dominant force in the sport.

On this day they face Haiti, poorest nation in the western hemisphere. A team enjoying their biggest soccer stage since the 1974 World Cup. Haiti was about to face the world’s best.

In the match, both teams had something to play for. For Haiti, lose and there would be eliminated from the Copa tournament. For Brazil, since tying Ecuador in their Copa opener, 0-0, Brazil had something to prove plus any goals scored would help in any possible tie breakers in the group. Fans have not been happy with their play, and they showed it as they booed Brazilian coach Dunga as he was announced.

Haiti’s supporters came to Orlando’s Camping World Stadium in full force. There were well represented in the announced attendance of over 28,000 fans. In fact, during the Haitian national anthem, the stadium rang with the fans singing the anthem.

Once all of the official ceremonies ended, it was game time. Brazil toyed with Haiti who seemed a bit intimidated once seeing the row of yellow jerseys enter the field during pre-game. Brazil was more precise with it’s passes, crisper, showed more expertise in their ball handling, and weren’t afraid of the Haitians in the least.

The Haitian players were hesitant and cautious, giving Brazil too much space in the midfield. If Haiti pressed it was with only one or two players, who usually had six or seven Brazilian player waiting to defend. Brazils’ Coutinho scored 4 goals for the hat trick.

Haiti looked defeated in the end of the first half, but came into the second half rejuvenated and was finally able to score when James Marcelin tapped one into net. The spirit of the Haitian fans filed the stadium with pandemonium as their team struck against mighty Brazil.

It was truly a treat to watch the mighty Brazil team and feel the spirit of the fans from Haiti in this contest.



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