NFL Team to File to Relocate to Los Angeles

The San Diego Chargers have confirmed that they will file the necessary paperwork to relocate to Los Angeles. The Chargers are one of three teams that are expected to make the request, the other two being the Oakland Raiders and the St Louis Rams.

The Chargers have been trying get a new stadium deal in Sand Diego, but have made it clear that a move to Los Angeles is an option. 25% of Chargers season ticket holders are from Los Angeles and Orange County, Ca.

The Chargers estimate that a new stadium plan in San Diego that is part of a convention center expansion would require a “more than $700 million” investment from the team. The vote on the expansion is in June 2016. NFL owners are expected to vote on a Los Angeles team in late January.

There is currently a stadium proposal in Los Angeles that has yet to break ground, though the Los Angeles Times recently published photos of what developers are expecting it to look like if and when it gets approved.

The NFL has not had a team in Los Angeles sine 1994.

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