Orlando City Ties with Columbus Crew

he excitement at Saturday nights game was incredible! Ending with a tie of 2-2, it was obvious that both Orlando City SC and Columbus Crew SC can put up a great fight. It was a very back and forth game, proving how talented these players are. Orlando City had just had a major win in their previous match with LA Galaxy, defeating them 4-0. They brought that energy to this game and were able to hold their own against Columbus Crew. Right off the bat, Columbus was tight on the Orlando City goalie, with multiple close calls. Then at just 6 minutes in, Tony Tchani, number 6 on Columbus, makes a goal with the assistance of Hector Jimenez. Orlando City had several close goals as well, but Tally Hall brought his A-game. 16 minutes in, a red card is called on Michael Parkhurst. At first, he was called for a handball in the penalty area, but after yelling at the ref in outrage, he earned a red card. This allowed Kaka to get Orlando City a goal with his penalty kick. The crowd went wild and not just for that moment. They were constantly on their feet, chanting for Orlando City, and screaming with every movement. I loved just how lively and spirited this bunch was and how appreciative the players were for their fans. Yellow cards were given throughout the 30 to 45 minute period to Columbus Crew players, Justin Meram and Hector Jimenez, as well as to Orlando City’s, Carlos Rivas. We went into halftime with a 1-1 tie and 11 shots by Orlando City. 62 minutes in, Columbus Crew makes another goal by Kei Kamara with the help of Waylon Francis. Even then, the over 31,000 people in attendance were cheering on the Orlando City SC with more energy than ever. A couple substitutions occurred before the end of the match, keeping viewers interested in the game’s developments. With just 15 minutes left, the crowd became upset because it looked like the Columbus Crew goalie caught the ball behind the line, however, no point was called. Thankfully, Pedro Riberiro saved the day with an impressive goal at the 88 minute mark, tying the game. A few yellow cards followed this, given to Columbus Crew’s Mohammed Saeid, Chris Klute, and Waylon Francis. All in all, I’m very happy to have been at this game, it is not every match you get to see both teams score twice. It was exhilarating and proved that the Orlando City SC is ready for more intense matches.

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