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Beyoncé’s a vegan and so can you!

By Daria Laycock

When Good Morning America teased a Beyonce interview in which she had something “amazing” to share with everyone, ears perked in interest. Only to be let down when Queen B announced that she was not pregnant or releasing a new album, like most had susupected, but rather a vegan. Though this may have been a momentus ocassion to Bey the rest of the world was less than impressed.

But lets not throw shade yet. Mrs. Carter might be onto something, has she ever lead us astray before? Other celebreritiy vegans include Ariana Grande, Christie Brinkley, and Jared Letto. Being a vegan is all the buzz around hollywood so there has got to be something to it, right? The merit’s to veganism are seemingly endless the life style makes a positive impact in health, fitness, and the environment. Leave it to 24flix to give you one day’s worth of vegan foods so easy and delicious you will feel like Beyonce.



Cakes n eggs(

A vegan take on the breakfast classic this version of ‘Cakes and Eggs’ requires no meat for the sausage and a pancake batter without eggs or milk. Combine all purpose flour, white sugar, baking powder, with salt, oil and 1.25 cups of water for light and fluffy pancakes. For savory sausage mix dried oats with brown rice until you have a dry powder. Blend the oat rice powder with canola oil, flax seed, and water. Mold into patties and pan fry til crispy.


Morning Snack



Crush your mid morning cravings with a sweet and fruity smothie. There is no set recipe for smoothies. Start with a faux dairy base like cashew milk or vegan yogurt and mix in your favorite produce then blend until smooth.





Don’t go out for lunch, get the same salty comforting flavor of fast food in a brown bag lunch you can feel good about. Pack a false Philly cheese steak piled high with portabella mushrooms, green pepper, and vegan provolone cheese. Bake on 250 degrees until the bread is crispy and the cheese has melted.


Afternoon Snack



Kale chips are nutrious and easy to make. Sprinkle bite sized peices of Kale with olive oil and seasonings and bake on 350 until crispy. These ‘chips’ are so delicious you will forget they are not potatoe chips.


Vegan stew


Peanut butter is not just for sandwhiches anymore. A staple of the vegan diet peanut butter is used in a diverse number of dishes including peanut stew. Simmer crushed tomatoes, crunchy peanut butter, garbanzo beans, thyme and softened potatoes in a sauce pan for 15mins. Serve the stew over brown rice for a meal that is both hearty and healthy




Being a vegan does not have to mean home making every meal. For dessert try Coconut Bliss brand vegan ice cream. Bliss will satisfy your sweet tooth and you conscience.


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