Person Of The Week: Dwayne Johnson

It Does Matter!

By Darren Williams

“Do you smell what the Rock Is cooking?!” is one of the infamous phrases coined by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. And we can say now after being a World Wrestling Champion, Top Grossing A-List Actor, Philanthropist, Motivator, and recently breaking the Guinness World Record for most selfies, Yes We do smell what you are cooking! Dwayne Johnson is a powerhouse not only physically, but also professionally and has risen to the top of Hollywood with stealth and talent.


Dwayne Johnson was born 1972 in Hayward, Ca. and travelled a lot as child living in Hawaii and Pennsylvania. His mother being of Samoan Heritage he lived in Hawaii for a while, but was granted Canadian citizenship since his father is Canadian. When Dwayne lived in Pennsylvania he was extremely good at football, which earned him a scholarship to University of Miami. Ultimately he worked his way onto the Miami Hurricanes 1991 team, however due to an injury he was sidelined. Afterwards, Dwayne took up the family business of wrestling and finalized on the name “The Rock”, a character that would become everyone’s favorite anti-hero in the ring. The Rock dominated being a world-wrestling champion and got the opportunity for a few roles on television programs and was very well received. Slowly he made his way into putting Hollywood in a chokehold by starring as the main character in “The Scorpion King”. Since then Dwayne has become the Top Grossing actor of 2013 and continues to reign through non-stop projects and television series he produces and acts in.

Dwayne also works just as hard on his career as he does giving back to charity. He works with multiple charities that help enrich the lives of the youth and young adults. Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation is a charity set up to empower the self-esteem and lives of unprivileged children that are hospitalized for disabilities and illnesses. He also works heavily with the Beacon Experience whose purpose is to help children with schooling and gain an education to be successful beyond primary and secondary levels. Along with assisting these organizations, Dwayne is also known for donating large sums of money for assisting the youth and giving back to the community. In 2008, he donated 2 Million to the University of Miami for a new Alumni Center. Dwayne also raised more than half a million for Hurricane Sandy relief with WWE Superstars for Sandy Relief back in 2013 as well.

Everything else to The Rock “Doesn’t Really Matter”, but his career and community, really do matter to him.

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