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Tips for Healthy Meal Planning

By Deirnesa Jefferson

We live in an age where fast food dominates our food choices. Whether you’re on your way to work or class, or running late,  fast food provides an easy an option for lunch or dinner versus actually taking the time to prepare a meal. However fast food options are usually lacking in the necessary vitamins and nutrients that make up a healthy diet. Extensive consumption of fast food over time is also detrimental to your health. Just take one look at the documentary Super Size Me and its evident how fast food can negatively impact your diet. So the question remains how do you eat healthy but also find options that fit into your busy lifestyle?  One  answer is meal planning.  Meal planning allows you to pre plan healthy meals so that you have a quick meal option that is healthy and nutritious.

Keep it simple- Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to plan an entire month’s worth of meals. Start simple and just plan for the week. Start with a basic meal plan and then you can progress to planning more meals in advance.

Make wise shopping choices-  A good deal of meal planning is determined by what you purchase when you go grocery shopping. If you stock up on unhealthy items that are full of empty calories and sugar you will find it difficult to plan any wholesome meals. Be mindful of that when you go grocery shopping and try to buy items such as fresh fruit and vegetables. healthy-groceries

Make a list-  In order to plan your meals you need to have list on hand when you go grocery shopping. You want to ensure that you have everything you need for your meal plan to be successful.

Love those leftovers-  There is nothing wrong with eating leftovers. In fact it can actually save you time and money. It’s always a nice option to package some leftovers and  re- heat them up for lunch at work. This option eliminates the need to leave your workplace and spend money and time trying to find something to eat for lunch.

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