Record-Breaking Game: Bucks Triumph Over Celtics with Historic Free-Throw Rarity

In a groundbreaking NBA game, the Milwaukee Bucks secured a 104-91 victory against the Boston Celtics, notable for setting a new league record for the fewest free throws attempted. Remarkably, the entire match saw only one player, Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Bucks, make a trip to the free-throw line, where he attempted two shots following a foul by Luke Kornet in the final moments of the first quarter.

This unprecedented lack of free throws contributed to a swift game, wrapping up in just under two hours. Bucks coach Doc Rivers humorously commented on the game’s unusually short duration, expressing his surprise at the statistical summary which recorded merely two free throws for the entire game, initially mistaking it for halftime stats.

The game’s lack of free throws shattered previous NBA records. The combined total of two free throws from both teams broke the prior low of 11, set in a 2019 game between the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons. The Celtics also made history by not attempting a single free throw throughout the game, a first in NBA history.

Another record was set by the Bucks, who committed only four fouls during the game, the lowest ever in a full NBA game.

Celtics star Jayson Tatum speculated that the low foul count might be an indication of the officiating style for the upcoming playoffs, suggesting a readiness for a more physically demanding postseason.

The game’s strategy heavily favored three-pointers, with a total of 88 attempts from beyond the arc, overshadowing the 66 shots attempted in the paint. This strategy, combined with some potentially missed calls, played a part in the low free-throw count. One instance involving Xavier Tillman is highlighted as a possible overlooked foul.

Ben Taylor, part of the game’s officiating crew, had just returned from a two-month break due to illness, which may also have influenced the game dynamics.

The trend of declining free-throw attempts has been noticeable since the All-Star break. Before the break, the Philadelphia 76ers led the league with an average of 26.5 attempts per game, but post-break, the Houston Rockets lead with an average of 23.4. This change in gameplay was acknowledged by Bucks star Damian Lillard, who observed a shift in how fouls are being called, or rather, not called, signifying a new trend in the league’s play style.

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