Orlando finishes season with 125-111 win over Heat-lite

set as the Orlando Magic playRJ Hampton drives to the basket as the Orlando Magic defeat the Miami Heat 125-11 on April 10th at Amway Arena in Tampa

ORLANDO, FL – The Orlando Magic finished their 2021-22 season with a strong 125-111 defeat over the Miami Heat, or Miami Heat-lite.

There was no sign of Miami stars Jimmy Butler, Tyler Hero, and the like. Starting for the Heat:

Michel Moulder, Haywood Highsmith, Omar Yurtseven, Duncan Robinson, and Victor Oladipo, who scored 40 points.

And why not? The head had sealed the number one spot in the playoffs, and this game was meaningless to them. There was even a Udonis Haslem sighting on the floor.

Nevertheless, the Magic brotherhood showed up and showed out, building as much as an 18 point lead, Markelle Fultz setting a career high 15 assists, and finishing one of the most difficult season in franchise history with a bang.

Orlando has one of the worst records in the NBA, and with the Rockets (20-62) loss to the Hawks, the Magic will finish the season with the league’s second-worst record regardless of tonight’s result.

Markelle Fultz squares off against Victor Oladipo as the Orlando Magic defeated the Him Heat 125-111 on April 10th at Amway arena in Orlando, FL

It was fun watching Oladipo go up against Fultz Victor scored 25 in the first half and was getting in some good work to be an asset for the Heat in the playoffs.

Orlando had seven players in double digits points, and both Mo Wagner and Mo bambs scored a double double in points and rebounds and Fults in points and assists.

In post game interviews, the theme among the players was “The sky’s the limit”.

They talked about the tight bond with each other on and off of the court, and how they challenge and push each other.

When asked about why this Magic season, Magic coach Jamal Mosley talked about the will of his players and their love for each other as they key to the successes that they have had. They have built a foundation on trust in each other.

“Our guys understand there’s a bigger picture than just this moment here,” Mosley said Sunday. “Our guys have embraced every single moment; every single day of getting better every game. That’s how you keep that energy, and we have a special group of young men. They care about each other so much, continue to encourage each other and fight for one another.”

A nice ending to an interesting season for a young, talented team looking forward

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