Buc’s William Gholston donates $225G to research cancer disparities in African Americans

William Gholston, Defensive End, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gholston, the veteran defensive lineman, made a $225,000 donation to the Moffitt Cancer Center to aid the research in cancer health disparities, including breast, colon and prostate cancers, which disproportionately affect Black men and women, the organization announced Tuesday.

“I had the. opportunity to donate to the Moffitt Cancer Center, specifically to the George Edgecomb Fund.” said Gholston during a pre super bowl press conference. . “The reason being is that my father passed away, my uncle passed away, my mother has battled breast cancer as well as another uncle who survived it. We’re all African American. With my father’s battle there was a a lack of information and knowledge of the why and how can we do this or do that. Moffitt came up with the program and I definitely wanted to join in to do more research about the minorities or African Americans. Once I found out I could do it I didn’t hesitated and went for it.”

B. Lee Green, the center’s vice president of diversity, public relations and strategic communications, said the donation will go to the George Edgecomb Society – a part of the Moffitt Cancer Center, which targets the elimination of health disparities among African Americans.

“Those funds will be distributed to a cadre of researchers, right here at Moffitt who do health disparities research, each and every day so they’re doing research on prevention,” Green said. “They’re doing research on why we have these disparities. They’re doing research on innovations and interventions that we can use to prevent cancer from happening in this community at a different rate.”

Gholston is about to head to his home field to face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55 on Sunday February 7.

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