Jameis Winston and the New Orleans Saints Agree to a 1-Year Deal

NEW ORLEANS – Quarterback Jameis Winston finally found his new home for the upcoming NFL season. The New Orleans Saints, NFC South rival of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to take a gamble on Jameis Winston signing him to 1-year contract. 

Winston’s contract details are as follows: The former Tampa Bay QB signed a $1.1 million deal for 1 year. However, with incentives, Winston could potentially earn $3.4 million in his time with the Saints. Winston’s salary is $952,000 and he will earn an additional $148,000, per his signing bonus.

Jameis Winston is an interesting story as he led the league in passing yards in 2019 with 5,109 yards, yet he also threw for a record-breaking 30 interceptions the same year. There is no doubt Jameis has elite talent, however decision making has severely stunted the former number 1 overall pick’s potential.

We have seen how Sean Payton has utilized QB Taysom Hill alongside Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater last year. The truth is that Brees isn’t a mobile quarterback and is a potential injury away from the Saints Season being over. 

Last season Brees missed 5 games which led to Bridgewater stepping in and leading the Saints to 5 straight wins keeping them in playoff position until Brees returned to the lineup. 

It is also no secret that despite the greatness of Drew Brees, he is 41 and is on some level thinking about life after football as he will be joining NBC as an analyst post-retirement.

It is very possible the Saints are looking to replicate a similar setup as last year, however instead of Bridgewater it’s Winston stepping in, should Brees again miss time due to injury. 

This deal looks great for the Saints, as they were able to land the NFL’s passing yards leader as their backup on an extremely team-friendly deal. This not only gives Winston a home, it could also prove to be the change of scenery he needs for his career. 

Whether he will eventually become Brees replacement or go on to play for another team in the future, there’s no doubt he’ll learn from the Payton and Brees dynamic.

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