2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational keeps the “Arnie spirit” alive

ORLANDO – The 202 Arnold Palmer Invitational golf tournament is underway this week at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Orlando, FL. The Tournament. some of the best golfers in the world travel to Orlando to play in this tournament that now honors former golf Icon Arnold Palmer.

Notable names in this year’s tournament include Rory McElroy, Adam Scott, Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose and many, many more.

On the opening day of the tournament, the Spirit of Arnie was honored with the annual “March of Arnie’s Army”, with is to show support for young patients and their families by walking with us at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club.

Unveiling the Arnold Palmer Forever Stamp during the Opening Event at the 2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in Orlando Florida on Wednesday March 4, 2020. Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis

Later on Opening day, Palmer was honored by the US Postal Service by announcing the issue of  the Arnold Palmer Commemorative Forever stamp. Palmer (1929–2016) who rose from humble beginnings to become a champion. The stamp was dedicated on opening day of the tournament.

“My grandfather, as many of you know, spent so much time writing letters, thanking fans, congratulating his peers on winning golf tournaments,” said Sam Saunders, Palmer’s grandson and the family representative at the pre-tournament news conference on Wednesday “And it’s something that meant a lot to everyone that he touched. And he always took great pride in being able to write that letter to someone.”

“So I think he would be absolutely thrilled to have a stamp with his picture on it and it would just mean the world to him. So thank you to the United States Postal Service for that great honor. It really means a lot to our family.”

Rory McIlroy at the Arnold Palmer Ivitational

Rory McIlroy even did a press conference, and talked about what he remembered about Arnold and his time with him.

“I mean I guess my thing with Arnold was he always, no matter who he talked to, whether it was me or a guy in the cart barn or a person in the media, he always looked you in the eye” said McIlroy “..he always made you feel as if you were the only person in the world at that time. And I think that’s something that was really cool. He was so personable and he made everyone feel valued and felt like he was really appreciative to give up a part of his time to talk to them. That was, I think that was the magic that Arnold had.”

Florida Governer Ron DeSantis speaking with players during the opening event at the 2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in Orlando Florida on Wednesday March 4, 2020. Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Florida Governor Rick Desantis were on hand for opening day.

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