NFL Superstar and Super Bowl Champ Richard Sherman Pays Off School’s Cafeteria Debt

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman was already Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl superstar but now the NFL baller is a superhero for young students who’ve had trouble paying for meals at school.

The San Francisco 49ers cornerback wrote out a personal check worth $7,491.27 to clear Cabrillo Middle School in Santa Clara’s outstanding cafeteria bill.

“On Saturday, November 23rd, 49ers Cornerback Richard Sherman pulled me from my shift as a docent in the 49ers Museum to give me a personal check for $7,491.27 to cover Cabrillo Middle School’s cafeteria debt,” principal Stan Garber wrote in a press release. 

About 60 students will reportedly benefit from the donation, which was made through Sheman’s organization, Blanket Coverage — A Richard Sherman Family Foundation.

“We have found that eliminating student lunch debt is one way to help assist students and their families in relieving some of the stress that comes with attending school on a daily basis,” Sheman said in a letter to Cabrillo Middle’s Nutrition Services Department, according to CBS affiliate KPIX.

“The last thing any child should have to worry about is being able to afford eating breakfast and lunch at school; we aim to do our part in eliminating that obstacle,” the letter continued.

Last month, the recently named NFLPA Community MVP dropped a $20,000 check to the Tacoma Public Schools in Washington to relieve its students’ lunch debt.

“It’s the most generous thing to happen for these kids, there’s plenty in need and he didn’t neglect them, it was the perfect way to give back and help them,” the school’s principal Stan Garber told ABC News on Thursday.

According to its website, Blanket Coverage has worked to provide low-income communities with both clothing and school supplies since 2013. 

The 31-year-old Compton, California native also tries to instill the values of setting and achieving goals to students, the same way he feels his childhood idol, NBA legend Magic Johnson, did for him when he was a student.

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