Colin Kaepernick is bringing his own receivers to his workout

Colin Kaepernick

The NFL has kept Colin Kaepernick in the dark about multiple aspects of his dog-and-pony show about nothing workout. As a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT, the league’s failure to provide information to Kaepernick includes the identity of the receivers who will be available to catch passes from him.

Thus, Kaepernick has made arrangements to bring his own receivers to the workout.

It’s the latest piece of evidence supporting an argument that this isn’t about giving Kaepernick a fair shot at resuming his NFL career, but that it’s instead part of a chess-match P.R. and/or legal strategy where the league is making calculated moves with some agenda other than helping Kaepernick in mind.

The failure to identify the receivers follows a refusal to name the teams that will be present and a refusal to provide the names of the team representatives who will attend. But, sure, Kaepernick definitely should feel like everything about this exercise is aimed at rectifying the fact that the league has shunned him for more than 32 months.

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