Magic Tough Out A Win In Minnesota

The Orlando Magic have been on a short but strong winning streak. Impressive defense, gutsy play, and timely scoring have all been consistent in their past three games. The next question was “Can they keep it up on the road?”The answer so far is a resounding “yes!”. The Magic defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves last night 96-93 in Minneapolis.

The Magic came out with what is becoming a trademark for this year’s play: a very determined, tough, gritty style of play with pinpoint execution. In the first half, every time the Wolves scored, the Magic would answer with tough-won shots, pinpoint passing, smart play. The Magic had a 13 point lead at the half.

Halfway into the third quarter, the Magic rolled their lead up to 17 points. But it was at the point that old Magic demons showed up. The Wolves went on scoring streaks, clawing their way back to tie the game with 4:40 left in the third quarter.

The Magic of the past few years would have crumbled at this point, but this years squad was unfazed. There is a new toughness this year. Victor Oladipo scored five straight and regained the lead.

It was tight from there on, but the Magic caught a break when rookie star Andrew Wiggins missed a crucial free throw at the line with seconds remaining. The game ended with Andrew Gordon blocking a last second three-point shot by Wiggins, securing the victory.

The Magic scoring was spread out pretty evenly with Vucevic scoring 18 pts and 12 rebounds, Andrew Nicholson dropped 15 points, followed by Elfrid Peyton (14) and Victor Oladipo (13). Wiggins led the Wolves with 27 points.

The Magic’s next game is in Utah against the Jazz tomorrow, 10:30pm EST.

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