Amazon To Open Its First Physical Bookstore

Online retailer Amazon opened it’s first physical bookstore today. The internet giant who has been selling books online for over 20 years opened the doors on Tuesday. It’s Seattle store, which will combine the benefits of internet pricing with a traditional bookstore shopping experience.

It will offer more that 6,000 titles based on online consumer ratings, sales, and pre-orders from it’s site.

Sucharita Mulpuru, an analyst with Forrester Research, said the store appears to be an experiment to see what the company can learn.

“If they sell books, awesome. Even if they don’t sell books, there’s a lot to learn about how people discover products, how they shop for products,” Mulpuru said. “Does a physical store increase your likelihood to spend with Amazon in general? Does it make you more loyal to Amazon?”

Amazon hopes to open additional stores, but with internet pricing that the overhead coasts of a physical store, it’s hard to see the store being profitable.


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