A Tale of Two NBA Teams: The Warriors VS The Sixers

The 2015-16 NBA season has been a fun one so far. Many teams are scrapping in the middle of the heap of teams to establish themselves, make rosters gel, and overcome injuries. But this year, two teams stand out: The Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Warriors are setting the NBA ablaze with a record tying 15-0 record with shots that are dropping with seemingly little effort. The Warriors were recently tested by the Los Angeles Clippers who had them down by 20-plus points. but the Warriors, who say they never felt that they were in trouble, came back to win the game. The most amazing fact is that the Warriors have been doing this without their head coach Steve Kerr, who has been missing due to back problems. Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton has been manning the ship in his stead. The Warriors go the the record of a 16-0 start agains the lowly Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday.

020915_frazier-warriors_600Now for the Sixers. These are the same Sixers that were accused of losing on purpose to get higher draft picks recently. This year, the Sixers have recorded a league worst 0-14 start this season. This makes for a 24 game losing streak dating back to March 2015.

The Sixers rank last in in points per game, point differential, turnovers per game, assist-to-turnover ratio, offensive efficiency, and field goal percentage. They also rank 20th or worse in three-point percentage, free throw percentage, points per shot attempt, rebound differential, defensive efficiency, opponent points per game, and steals per game.

1395453531000-USATSI-7822899A total exercise in futility. Understandably, they’re last in overall attendance percentage as well. They’re two losses away from tying the longest losing streak in NBA history with 26 — one that they set two seasons ago. And a few seasons ago, the Sixers were in the hunt for a Eastern Conference playoff berth.

But high draft pick injuries, and poor trades have doomed Sixers fans to another hopeless season. Jahlil Okafor, their third big-man lottery selection in three years, is one of the only bright spots on the roster. The Sixers face the Minnesota Timberwolves (5-8) tonight.

The NBA: The Have’s and the Have-nots.

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