5 Ways Spending Money Will Make You Happy

Good news: Science just proved that money can buy you happiness. In Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending, researchers Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton discuss how spending money can increase your serotonin. That’s right: You can spend money and reap psychological benefits.

From booking an all-inclusive vacation to ordering gourmet chocolates, see five ways in which opening your wallet leads to bliss.

#1: Buy Experiences
Indulging in experiential purchases makes you a more likable person. Here’s why.


#2: Make It a Treat
Buy the good chocolate. Here’s why.


#3: Buy Time
Thinking about time is linked with our sense of self. Here’s how.


#4: Pay Now, Consume Later
Excessive prices evoke physical pain. Here’s why.


#5: Invest In Others
Experience the same happiness as doubling your household income. Here’s how.

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