JET-LI :The New Legend Of Shaolin

Hung Hei-Kwun arrives in his village after a raid by government soldiers, only to find his whole village destroyed. Hung Hei-Kwun quickly finds his infant son and gives him a choice between death and joining him in the rebellion. Upon leaving his village he encounters Ma Ling-Yee, who is also supposed to be involved in the rebellion; he learns that Ling-Yee had betrayed him and their village for the bounty on Hei-Kwun’s head. After an epic battle, the film skips ahead several years and arrives with Hung Hei-Kwun and his now-skilled son making their way through China in order to find money for food. At this time, the film introduces “Red Bean”, who is in the process of swindling a very rich man, Ma Kai-Sin, out of his money. Kwun tries to leave his son in the care of his brother but is betrayed, forcing him to kill his brother. The rich man, witnessing the carnage done by Kwun, hires Hung Hei-Kwun as a bodyguard. Initially he wants Kwun to help him bully and steal from others; Kwun refuses the offer but decides to be his bodyguard instead because he and Man Ting, his son, ran out of money……..

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