A much needed win for Orlando City Soccer

Orlando, Florida.  Something had to change for Orlando City.  This was a very important game, in fact Orlando City’s head coach Adrian Heath called it “The most important game of the season”.   Orlando City’s team sure turned it around with a 5-2 win against Columbus Crew.  The MVP of that was is certainly Cyle Larin who scored two goals.  Cyle Larin also tied the MLS rookie season core with 11 goals for the season.  He just might break the record since the season isn’t over yet.  Higuita also scored his first goal; another reason for OCS to celebrate.

Columbus crew only scored 1 goal during the first quarter and was never able to score.  They worked very hard but was unable to get through the tough defense of Orlando City.  Unfortunately, in the 90th minute, Orlando City’s Collin score a goal for Columbus Crew which brought the final score to 5-2.

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