Orlando City SC, First Win of MLS Season

GOAL! It was a win this Sunday for Orlando City SC as they pulled their first MLS win of the season by defeating the LA Galaxy, 4-0, at the Citrus Bowl. From the start of the match Orlando City SC was showing that they were here to play today. After a loss and a draw in the last two matches, Orlando needed this win desperately and with an attendance over 40,000 – the second highest of the season at the Citrus bowl- they were going to get it. In the beginning LA Galaxy kept up a decent defense. Even with the defense Larin was able to get the crowd excited with multiple runs at the goal but it was Shea who assist Avila in the first goal in the 12’. A stunning run from Ceren crossing two LA Galaxy players for a chance at the teams 2nd goal but Galaxy’s Husidic blocked it. By the 30’ it was obvious that LA might have been struggling to keep up with Orlando. At points LA Galaxy was playing rough with no yellow cards being called but it was after Larin scored the 2nd goal in the 34’ assisted by Kaka that things started to change. The Galaxy defense increased and yellow cards started to be called after the half. Galaxy’s Penedo started getting in a shouting match with the Ref over one of the yellow cards that were finally called. Kaka scored the teams 3rd goal due to a free kick and immediately paid tribute to Molino by putting on his jersey. A moment the crowd went crazy for, but earned him a wild card. And in a crazy moment of events Ceren scored by a deflected ball off LA’s Meyer. The LA Galaxy didn’t give up even in the face of their 5th loss. In the 87’ LA Gordon made a strong run for the goal but with no success but they still were able to end the game with heads high. It was indeed a long awaited and much needed win for the Orlando City Soccer Club and this game only proved we are moving in the right direction.

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