Snowboard Bungee Jumping Is Winter's Insane New Thrill

Thanks to the ingenuity of an adrenaline-seeking ski bum, now even the most novice snowboarders can experience Olympic speeds, drops and freefalls.

Allow us to introduce you to snowboard bungee jumping.

This insane new thrill at the Tignes ski resort, atop France’s Northern Alps, lets skiers and snowboarders (and sledders!) of all skill levels safely race down a 98-foot ramp and experience a 131-foot drop — all before two bungee cords lock into place, gently bringing the rider back to the powdery snow below via a zipline.

While the rider in the video (above) has a less than graceful launch, the elastic harnesses attached to both sides of his waist allow him to bounce delightfully through the air, à la Santa’s reindeer.

Invented and developed by a French company called Bun J Ride, the Tignes ramp is “the first bunjee jump ramp dedicated exclusively to ski jumping.” Bun J Ride operates a similar ramp on the slopes of Saint-Jean-de-Sixt in France, which is open for summer activities such as bike bungee jumping and trampoline bungee jumping for those looking to add a bit more speed and air to their jumps.

Tignes’ website claims that this “adrenaline overdose” is suited “for everyone,” but if you ever decide to make a trip to the Northern Alps for some Bun J Riding, please, for our sake, bring a helmet.


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