Robbie Rogers Shares Pre-Season Workout Tips With Out Magazine

We don’t know a lot about sports… but apparently professional soccer’s mid-season workouts are almost here and that can only mean one thing (that we really care about): Robbie Rogers!

One of our favorite openly gay athletes sat down with Out magazine recently to offer his favorite pre-season workout tips and pose for 30 smoking hot training photos.

According to Out:
“Hot on the heels of releasing his first autobiography, ‘Coming Out To Play,’ Robbie Rogers is starting his formal mid-season workouts with the L.A. Galaxy in a few weeks. Here, Rogers talks you through his workout routine to get back into ‘soccer shape,’ a combination of yoga, bootcamp, as well as interval and cardio training.”

Check out some of Rogers’ photos and workout tips below.

robbie 11

“If you’re doing this on a treadmill, do 30 seconds at the highest incline and around 6mph, and then drop the incline to zero and walk for a minute and a half.”


robbie rogers1

“Soccer players are runners and it’s a game of sprints and changes of direction so this exercise starts to get your wheels moving to prepare for the season. If you’re doing this workout on a treadmill, do 10 intervals of 20 seconds of sprints (say, at 10–12 mph), and then 40 seconds of walking. Just be careful when you’re pressing buttons in the midst of a sprint!”

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