Hosting the Olympics Could (Finally!) Raise Boston's Profile

Credit: Igor Golovniov

Perhaps no other location in a bid for the 2024 Olympics has stimulated more controversy than Boston has. Some are vehemently opposed. There’s even an organized group to rally people against the effort, called No Boston Olympics. But for those who want to offer the city up for this extravaganza, there are many reasons to do so — improved infrastructure, jobs, excitement and visibility. Shiny new Olympic venues, sexy young athletes and millions of sports tourists from all over the world will elevate the city to superstar status!

It’s a no brainer. Here’s why the Beantown should be selected over Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.:

  • The attention of Boston’s leaders can afford to be consumed by Olympics logistics for the next 10 years (Public schools, infrastructure and programs for the poor are fantastic. No worries!)

  • Boston has millions and millions of dollars to gamble by putting a bid together

  • The city is never congested — especially on Fridays in the summer

  • Merchants, vendors, homeless people, and others will easily find another locations if they’re displaced
  • Businesses will get to arrange telecommuting for employees and figure out parking for three weeks. (Good times for the city’s HR staffers who could use the extra work!)

  • Art institutions like the Museum of Fine Arts, the Schubert Theater and The Boston Ballet won’t mind having their tourist base scared off by Olympic crowds. (Traveling culture vultures can go elsewhere in 2024!)

  • To prove that The Olympics can seamlessly (and cheaply) be pulled off in Boston, despite its being much smaller than other host cities

Most importantly, Boston needs to raise its profile because:

  • The Big Dig wasn’t disruptive enough

  • No one has ever heard of the Boston Red Sox

  • Boston’s research hospitals and institutions of higher learning haven’t done anything worth talking about

  • People think the Tea Party refers only to extreme Republicans

  • Whitey Bulger is a nobody

  • Hollywood doesn’t put Boston in enough of its productions

  • People think Paul Revere is a brand of silverware

  • The Boston Marathon doesn’t bring much attention to the city

  • First Night, held for the first time in Boston in 1976, has not been replicated enough

  • The theme song from Cheers doesn’t ring any bells these days

  • New Kids on the Block broke up too soon

  • Boston Cream pie is a horrible dessert.

So please, please, U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee, pick Boston to host this monumental event. The birthplace of the American Revolution will finally get the visibility it deserves.

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