Don’t Even Think About Bringing Your Drone To The Super Bowl, FAA Says

The Super Bowl is traditionally a time for multi-million dollar commercials and wardrobe malfunctions. Oh, and some football.

One thing that’s not welcome? Drones.

That’s the message behind a recent Federal Aviation Administration ad warning fans not to bring drones to this Sunday’s game.

“Going to the big game?” says the ad, posted to YouTube Wednesday. “Have fun, cheer on your team and keep it a no-drone zone. Don’t spoil the game; leave your drone at home.”

Sorry, drones. Looks like you’re stuck tailgating the whole game. Save some Bud heavies for us.

A post on the FAA’s website elaborates that unauthorized aircraft are not allowed over any NFL games, regular and post-season. The rule also extends to NCAA college games in 30,000-seat stadiums or larger, Major League Baseball games and various NASCAR events.

The site also outlines the penalties for violating this rule:

The FAA Notice to Airmen (PDF) makes it crystal clear that anyone violating the rules may be “intercepted, detained and interviewed” by law enforcement or security personnel. Besides possibly landing a violator in jail, flying an unmanned aircraft over a crowded stadium could result in an FAA civil penalty for “careless and reckless” operation of an aircraft.

While the FAA has yet to release a comprehensive set of regulations on drone use, pressure is mounting after a man drunkenly crashed his drone on White House grounds Monday. A drone carrying six pounds of meth from Mexico was also recently found crashed near the border.

But in case you’re concerned about a government organization clamping down on the overall rowdiness at the Super Bowl, you don’t have to worry about the FAA. The department apparently approves of the following game-day shenanigans:

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