Don’t Say My Name Character Description

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Adriana: Young, between the ages of 14-20, long hair, medium height, weights average 120 pounds, with a strong personality, focused on what she wants, dream to be a famous dancer like her mom, ended up been victim of human trafficking, sexual abused, mistreated, beaten and extorted by the traffickers. She falls into depression, is traumatized and rebellious.

Officer Colbert: Man between 35-45 years of age. Skinny. Well dressed. HSI agent who works to uncover, dismantle and disrupt human trafficking.  He comes face to face with the worst of humanity – traffickers profiting off the forced labor and commercial sex of their victims through the use of physical and sexual abuse, threats of harm and deportation, false promises, economic and psychological manipulation, and cruelty. Works together with an FBI detective. Feels guilty and accused himself because he couldn’t help victims of human trafficking that died in a container in a fire. His tenacity can get through any obstacle to reach his goals.

Missionary: Man, between 35-50 years old. Rehabilitated drug addicted, an ex-convict. Filled with the Holy Spirit, passionate and merciful, friendly and cooperative. Travel to Mexico and South America to bring the Gospel.

Maria: Refuge Director. Woman between 35-45 years old, long hair. Victim of human trafficking. Passionate and tender. Singer. Has joy and compassion for others. Helps Adriana recover from her past.\

Arthur: Adriana’s boyfriend. Young man, between 16-25 years old. Tall, slim. Determined to succeed, kind-hearted, honest, extroverted and hardworking. Attached to his morals and ethical values. A man of faith who falls into doubt and disappointment with God after losing the girl he wanted to share his life with; becomes bitter and hopeless.

Samuel: Man, skinny, 45-55 years old. White hair. Widower. Pastor committed to the word of God.

Adriana’s mother: Woman between 45 and 55 years old, of medium height, hair length to the shoulders and mistreated, has several tattoos. Drug addicted, mistreated by the use of drugs and alcohol, suffers a lot of pain. She was the lead dancer in a ballet company of her time. She limps because of a car accident, grumpy and bitter.

Larry, the boyfriend of Adriana’s mother: Man between 40-60 years old. White man, long hair, tall, tattooed, ambitious, offender, with several police records. Do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He rides a Harley. Ruthless and without scruples. 

Dr. Gil: White, tall, slim woman between 25-35 years old. Short hair. Attractive. Intelligent, high IQ. Determined, fights for what she believes in. She does not get intimidated easily.

Professor Isabella: Woman 40-60 years old. Thin and tiny.  Ballet teacher. Rough and strict person. She can see far a hidden talent. Very focused, is somewhat bitter but with a noble soul.

Adriana’s friend: Woman 14-20 a young girl who ended up been Adriana best friend in the refuge house.

FBI Agent: Man of 35-60 years old, Head of the Investigation Department is involved in dirty businesses. Concerned about his retirement, he wants to cover everything he knows to not lose his retirement.

Gersovi: Man between 60-65 years old. Bartender, Member of the Band of traffickers. Foreigner. Tattooed. Illegal immigrant. Obedient and without scruples.

Mursry: Man between 50-55 years. Chief of the Traffickers Band. With a dark past, full of traumas and abuse. A black soul, confessed criminal. Dominant, barbaric, believes he can own humans. 

Missionary 2: Man/Woman between 35-65 years. Full of wisdom and knowledge of the word of God. Compassionate and playful.

Doctor Philips: Man 45-50 years old. Wears glasses. Professor and scientist. Atheist confessed. Investigator. Author of books. Prisoner of the bitterness of a childhood trauma.

Doctor Macchio: 45-65-year-old man, head of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, a cold and somber person. Prisoner of the health system. Has lost his Hippocratic values for the interests of the system.

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