Atlanta Hawks land the no 1 pick in 2024 NBA Draft Lottery

In the aftermath of the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery, teams grappling with a dismal season find themselves cleaved into divergent fortunes. While some squads languishing in the depths of the previous campaign are rewarded with prime selections, others, equally mired in futility, find luck elusive.

Orlando, Florida, USA, December 14, 2022, Atlanta Hawks Guard Trae Young #11 during the first half at the Amway Center. (Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis)

Surmounting slim odds of merely 3.0 percent, the Atlanta Hawks defy expectations, emerging victorious in the lottery and clinching the coveted first overall pick for the forthcoming draft slated on June 26-27.

Conversely, the Detroit Pistons, boasting the highest probability at 14.0 percent, settle for a fifth-place finish, missing out on the premier selection they had hoped to secure.

It’s the first top overall pick for the Hawks since drafting David Thompson in 1975. Atlanta had never won the draft lottery before. The team was represented on stage in Chicago by general manager Landry Fields.

The Detroit Pistons (14–68) and Washington Wizards (15–67) had the best odds of getting the No. 1 pick at 14%. The Hawks had a 3% chance (and +3000 odds) of winning the selection with their 36–46 record.

2024 NBA Draft Lottery order
Pick Team
1 Hawks
2 Wizards
3 Rockets
4 Spurs
5 Pistons
6 Hornets
7 Trail Blazers
8 Raptors (to Spurs)
9 Grizzlies
10 Jazz
11 Bulls
12 Rockets (to Thunder)
13 Kings
14 Warriors (to Trail Blazers)



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