LeBron James Credits Steph Curry for Transforming Basketball

LeBron James, often hailed as the best player of his generation, recently highlighted Steph Curry’s transformative impact on basketball. In a candid conversation with JJ Redick on their podcast, “Mind the Game,” James emphasized the seismic shift in the sport following Curry’s entry into the NBA.

James remarked on the dramatic change Curry instigated in the league’s dynamics, particularly concerning game strategies. No lead in the game is considered safe anymore, a shift he directly attributes to Curry’s influence. “The moment that little lightskinned fella joined the league, everything changed,” James stated, likening Curry’s impact on basketball to Patrick Mahomes’ influence on football.

Extending his admiration, James went on to compare Curry with Allen Iverson, naming them as the most influential players he has witnessed in his basketball career. Their relatability and ability to defy odds, despite their smaller stature, have left an indelible mark on the sport. James specifically pointed out Iverson’s iconic crossover and style, which has left a lasting fashion legacy in basketball. Meanwhile, he praised Curry for revolutionizing the game with his remarkable shooting skills, metaphorically shooting ‘over the Empire State Building.’

The relationship between James and Curry, marked by their teams’ four-year rivalry in the NBA finals from 2015 to 2018, is one of mutual respect. James, now 39, acknowledges the tremendous respect he has for the Warriors’ point guard.

Curry’s influence extends beyond his physical presence on the court. Before his arrival, the three-point shot was not as central to basketball strategies as it is today. Curry’s exceptional long-range shooting helped the Warriors dominate the league, prompting a league-wide shift in offensive strategies. This evolution is evident in the statistics: In Curry’s debut season (2009-10), NBA teams averaged 18.1 three-point attempts per game, which dramatically rose to an average of 35.2 attempts by the 2021-22 season.

LeBron James’ reflections on Steph Curry’s impact highlight the Golden State star’s role in reshaping modern basketball, transforming the three-point shot from a novelty into a fundamental aspect of the game’s strategy.

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