It’s 9!!! Magic beat Wiz 130-125 for 9th straight win!

ORLANDO – The Orlando Magic (14-5) beat the Washington Wizards (3-16) 130-125 for their ninth win in a row. Orlando has not won 9 games, tying a franchise record last set in Jan 2011.

Orlando, Florida, USA, November 29, 2023, Orlando Magic forward Paolo Banchero #5 shoots a three at the Amway Center. (Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis)

Franz Wagner led all scorers with 31 points, while his partner in crime lately, Paolo Banchero scored 28 points. Banchero was recently named NBA East Player of the Week.

Orlando has continued to have a defense-based approach that has lead to their success. They have taken the “next man up” concept to heart and you can see it in this winning streak.

In the last game against the Wizards, Banchero only had six points, while points came from elsewhere in the roster.

When asked about how the team is able to shift to defend on the different styles, Magic Head Coach Jamal’s answer was straightforward: Confidence and communication.

Orlando, Florida, USA, November 29, 2023, Orlando Magic center Moritz Wagner #21 attempt to socre at the Amway Center. (Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis)

“I think the confidence and the trust that he has within his game, but also the confidence and trust that his teammates have in him,” said Mosley said of Wagner and his recent performances. “They are finding him, registering and recognizing plays on the fly. Joe (Ingles), Paolo and he all talked about things that can be done in different situations. And it’s great to have a group of young men that can make quick decisions, that are selfless, and that are just trying to find the right play. Doesn’t matter who scores, it’s about making the right play and the right decision while you are on the court.”

Incredible effort and work by the team’s energy leader Jalen Suggs had pushed the energy of not only the Magic but the Amway Center crowd.

Orlando, Florida, USA, November 29, 2023, Washington Wizards guard Jordan Pool3 #13 atempt to run pass Jalen Suggs #4 at the Amway Center. (Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis)

Suggs, says that he’s letting his “inner dog out, and no longer hiding it” and with mindfulness training by coach Arnie Kander. “He talked to me and keeps me centered  when I’m on the bench or during timeouts” Suggs said in the Orlando Magic Pod Squad Podcast

Washington was led by the prolific Kyle Kuzma with 27 points, followed by center Daniel gAfford who scored 18 points.

The game was far more closely contested than their first game on this trip, where Orlando dominated with a 19-point win on Wednesday night, 139-120.

As far as spreading the scoring wealth, Joe Ingles contributed 14 points in the game, and Moritz Wagner put in another 18.

Sadly, Jonathan Isaac injured his ankle once again and exited the game after playing almost 7 minutes on the floor, and 3 points, 5 rebounds and a blocked shot.

Orlando heads right to New York to face the Nets on Saturday night with the possibility of breaking the teams longest winning streak with their 10th win in a row.



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