Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry have launched a new movement

OAKLAND, CA – In a formal announcement, renowned Golden State Warriors luminary Stephen Curry and his spouse, Ayesha Curry, have unveiled the initiation of a novel initiative poised to extend substantial support to students within the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), encompassing the provision of nourishing sustenance and supplementary resources.

The declaration, featuring articulated statements from both Stephen and Ayesha Curry, commenced with the following prologue:

“Today, Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s organization, ‘Eat. Learn. Play.,’ have disclosed an elevated commitment aimed at ensuring that all students enrolled within the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) receive access to essential nutritious meals that are pivotal for their well-being, vital assistance to bolster their reading proficiency, and the provision of top-tier school facilities and opportunities to partake in youth-oriented sports activities. ‘Eat. Learn. Play.’ is set to inaugurate a pioneering movement, culminating in a fundraising endeavor with an aspiration to accumulate and allocate an additional $50 million in resources and support to the students of Oakland by the school year 2026. The Curry family remains resolute in their pledge to shoulder the entirety of administrative and fundraising expenses, thereby guaranteeing that every raised dollar directly serves the community through the organization’s multifaceted programs.”

Stephen Curry remarked, “When we established ‘Eat. Learn. Play.’ in 2019, we bore witness to the staggering exigency prevailing within our adopted hometown of Oakland. Consequently, we embarked upon leveraging our collective platform and resources to endeavor to unlock the latent potential harbored by the children in our community. Over the ensuing years, we’ve been invigorated by the transformative influence that emerges when a community unites in pursuit of change. We are now deeply committed to meeting the daily needs of Oakland’s youth, reshaping their scholastic journeys, and fostering enduring transformation for future generations.”

The Curry family, through their ‘Eat. Learn. Play.’ Foundation, alongside their supporting partners, is allocating an additional $50 million to expand their investments within the Oakland Unified School District. The Curry duo aspires to build upon their significant accomplishments during the inaugural four years of the foundation’s inception, which was launched in 2019 and subsequently extended vital assistance to disadvantaged families during the pandemic, culminating in the distribution of over 25 million meals. Beyond the establishment of fresh playgrounds and athletic facilities, this augmented initiative strives to supply in excess of 6 million meals annually to Oakland’s students while enhancing the quality of school cafeterias. Furthermore, the initiative seeks to furnish students reading below their grade level with consistent access to tutoring services and disseminate 300,000 books through various channels, such as replenishing school libraries and organizing elementary school book fairs.

‘Eat. Learn. Play.’ aspires to rejuvenate an additional 25 playgrounds by the conclusion of the 2026 academic year.

Stephen Curry articulated, “We’ve always believed in dreaming ambitiously; that’s why we embarked upon this journey. It’s about leveraging the blessings bestowed upon us and the platforms we’ve been afforded. This moment signifies a renewed commitment, a heightened precision in our efforts to amplify our impact, and a meticulous strategy to propel our mission forward.”

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