Malcom Christopher II celebrates today’s release of his single “Mighty You Are”. The new single is Christopher’s most distinct musical statement to date and comes on the heels of his last 2022 release, “I’m Flowing in Grace”, which propelled him to the 2022 SIRUS XM Stage at the Essence Festival. This song is a finger-snapping, head-bopping banger! The message conveys to us that no matter what, God is mighty in and through all our circumstances.      

Recorded in Dallas, TX, “Mighty You Are” is a beautifully executed offering rooted in the Black music tradition. Christopher’s earnest and intentional presentation generates dialogue with listeners about keeping faith in God.

Malcom has been given the opportunity to perform on multiple stages during the past year. His commitment to his craft has garnered him a 2023 Avidity Award Nomination.

Well-known as a singer-songwriter who is transitioning into a star in his own right, Malcom Christopher II continually explores a range of sounds while maintaining his signature smooth style. This song is sure to strengthen the relationships of many who have lost their faith.

The soulful crooner combines thought-provoking lyricism with a soaring tenor on “Mighty You Are” to demonstrate why he is quickly becoming a sought-after artist.   

“Mighty You Are” is available across all digital outlets. 

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