“Grace By Night” wins Best Picture at 2023 ICFF

ORLANDO, FL – The film “Grace by Night” took home the Best Picture Angel awards at the International Christian Film and Music Festival.

The Nathan Mark Leon film, starring Antonio Sabato Jr (One Nation Under God), Cameron Arnett (Overcomer), and Shari Rigby (The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story), tells the story of a man who takes  a job as a crisis hotline responder as a means of coping with a family tragedy.

Sabato also took home the Angel award for Best Actor in a feature film.

At the festival, the film was one almost 1,000 submissions to this year’s festival.

ICFF, celebrating it’s 11th year, is the largest faith based festival in the world. The festival has drawn thousands of guests annually in Orlando, celebrating the spirit of film, media, and music, while being followers of Jesus Christ.

ICFF was created to inspire and celebrate the filmmakers and musicians who use their gifts as heir ministries. In a genre that doesn’t have the supports for the thousands of filmmakers who produce films for and about their faith, ICFF stepped in 11 years ago to be an outlet for faith based filmmakers to show their works.

At the end of each festival, the best films in the categories, such as Short Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Animations, and many more, are celebrated, and the best films receive the coveted Angel Award.

Grace By Night was a film with a screening at the festival was packed, the film well received, and eventually took home the top prize, which was presented by actor Steven Baldwin, recipient of this years Lifetime Achievement in Filmmaking Award.

ICFF presents its four day festival each year, usually in early May. for more information on the festival, go to internationalcff.com



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