ESPN’s Mike Greenberg, 55, recovering after Monday heart procedure

ESPN media personality Mike Greenberg is recovering from heart surgery.

Greenberg’s wife Stacey revealed on Twitter Thursday that her husband underwent a cardiac ablation on Monday. According to Mayo Clinic, the procedure is used to correct heart rhythm problems with “thin, flexible tubes called catheters inserted through the veins or arteries.”

Mike Greenberg of ESPN’s “Get UP!”

“Recovery is slow, he has to do nothing and believe me….he’s not great at that!” she tweeted. “We both really, really appreciate all the nice messages.”

Earlier in the week, she said his surgery “went well,” adding that the TV host and diehard New York Jets fans was “already lobbying with the doctor to let him on the air if the Aaron Rodgers trade goes through,” which she called a “good sign” in his recovery.

Greenberg hosts ESPN’s “Get Up” and “NBA Countdown.” He has been off the air from both shows all week, but he’s finding other ways to get in some work.

Stacey shared a photo of Greenberg, 55, resting on the couch with a laptop after the procedure: “Recovery, day two. Or, as Greeny calls it, NFL Draft Prep. Send help.”

Greenberg hosted “Mike & Mike” on ESPN with Mike Golic for 17 years.


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