Netflix debuts first three episodes of “Harry and Meghan” doc

Volume 1  of the “Harry and Meghan” docuseries debut on Thursday on Netflix.

At the start of episode one, a message says members of the Royal Family declined to comment on “the content within this series”, though Buckingham Palac and Kensington Palace say that they had not been approached for comment.

The docuseries includes sit down interviews with Harry and Meghan, as well as friends and family, plus never seen video from throughout both of their lives.

The piece talks about the horror of being in the focus of the frenzied British tabloid press, and the social overtones that started with the press and then flooded onto social media. 

While the piece focuses on Harry and Meghan, the harassment of the palazzi is present as the biggest protagonist and threat in their lives together.

Meghan, being an actress on the popular television show “Suits” from 2011-19, says she had never seen the scrutiny and invasiveness of the press until it came out that she was with Harry. The harassment of not only her only move, but the homes of family and friends, as well as planting photogs outside of her home for hours, trying to get that one cot that could draw the as much as $10,00 from the tabloids.

The series does initially open with their initial meeting as well as their romance, leading to their wedding, but the tone changes once the death Princess Diana is covered.

It should be noted that all of the opinions in the doc are supportive to their story, and there are no dissenting opinions so far in the series.

The media’s treatment of Meghan — and what the couple felt was a lack of sympathy from royal institutions about the coverage — were at the heart of their complaints when they walked away from royal life almost three years ago and moved to Southern California.

Volume 2 of the series will be released on Netflix on December 15th



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