Top 10 Place to Avoid this Summer

The summer is almost here and you’re thinking about where to go on Vacation.  Should I travel oversees, go on a cruise, stay local or simply do a staycation this year.  With COVID dying down and you are eager to finally take that long awaited vacation.  I hear you and you deserve it, specially if you haven’t taken one in the last 2-3 years.  This summer, you should go on vacation but here are 10 places to avoid at all cost.

  1. Ukraine
  2. Mali
  3. Venezuela
  4. Somalia
  5. Iraq
  6. Afganistan
  7. Myanmar
  8. Belarus
  9. Syria
  10. Russia

According to the US and Canadian governments, you should avoid traveling to these countries at all costs, not even for essential travel.  Fortunately, there are many great options such as most countries in Europe, The Caribbean, Qatar, Fiji, Japan, Australia, Serbia and even South Korea.  If you plan on stying in the U.S., you have a ton of options, from Orlando to Los Angeles to Alaska.

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