Orlando Magic draw the 1st Pick!

CHICAGO, IL – The Orlando Magic will officially pick first in the 2022 NBA Draft. This is the fourth time that Orlando has picked first.

With the previous picks, Orlando Selected Shaquille One, Chris Webber, and Dwight Howard.

Behind the senes, the Magic made a last minute change. Instead of Magic President of Basketball Operations representing the team onstage, Head Coach Jamahl Mosely stood for the Orlando amongst the other NBA lottery teams.

As Magic Chief Communications Officer Joel Glass actually witnessed the picking of the ping pong balls that determined the draft order, Cole DeVos wore the lucky wristwatch worn by his late grandfather, Rich DeVos.

Glass was sequestered as the draft picks were revealed for a live TV show reveal.

Orlando had a 14 percent chance of getting the number one pick.

As Magic fans gathered at Downtown Orlando’s Harry Buffalo draft watch party, Burt in cheers as it was revealed that the Oklahoma City Thunder had the second p[ick, meaning that Orlando had the first.

“I was working on all of my breathing as it happened. My heart was definitely pounding,” said Mosley. “Again, it’s just that excitement for this fanbase. Excitement for our guys on the roster. Excitement for the organization just moving into that situation.”

“I’m so happy for our fans tonight,” said Weltman. “They’ve really stuck with us and nights like this help. Where you can really show the fruits of why we go through these phases and cycles. So, hopefully they’re really excited by this. I think they will be. We’re going to add another really good player to our talent base. I think it’s an exciting night.”

“We’ve seen what it can mean in the past,” said Magic CEO Alex Martins, who was with the organization for both of those memorable runs. “The past three times that we’ve won, it’s ultimately led us to an NBA Finals in both of those eras. Hopefully, this is a piece that can get us back into contention. You have to take it one step at a time, so getting back into contention, getting back into the playoffs, and ultimately, getting back to competing for a championship is our goal.”

Next up for Orlando, the NBA Draft Combine and several visits by potential picks to the Amway Center for workouts before the upcoming NBA Draft.

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