The 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season makes its way to Camping World Stadium located in Orlando, Florida where the world’s fastest riders on two wheels will compete for the championship. Formerly known as the “Orlando Citrus Bowl” Camping World Stadium isn’t a host for any of the NFL seasonal football teams, rather it hosts a variety of events from concerts, Monster Jam, all the way to preseason games for NFL and college football. With being the first open roof stadium in the 2021 season, the concept of an open sky venue may not go well for the riders as rain is on the forecast and even thunderstorms. Well, at least it won’t be 3 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Observing the track layout, it appears like a standard Supercross track layout. Long start straight with a normal left-hand turn, lots of rhythm, and nothing really out of the ordinary for Supercross. Now this can be said for some of the Indianapolis rounds, however, their difficulty was ramped up because of how dry and loose the Indy dirt was. Now with seeing the weather prediction, this seemingly normal Supercross track can turn into nightmare fuel if it starts downpouring. But knowing Florida weather, the meteorologist can be completely wrong and it’ll be bright and sunny outside or maybe a hurricane will stop by to see who will walk away with the points lead.

One thing that’ll be different from all the other previous rounds in the 2021 season, is that Orlando will be home to different 250 coasts. The East Coast class will be finishing up their run of seven rounds before taking a break while the West Coast class will start the next Saturday in the same stadium. We are eager to watch the West Coast class as they have been training during their time off from racing. Plus, the East Coast 250 class has been suffering from injuries and it’s dwindling in numbers of competitive riders.

The weekend races will be aired LIVE on Peacock Premium at 7:30 PM Eastern Time, 4:30 PM Pacific Time.
Qualifying will be live on Peacock Premium starting at 1:30 PM Eastern Time, 10:30 AM Pacific Time.

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