LeBron James tweets about forming Atlanta Dream ownership group after Georgia senate runoff

LeBron James, like many around the country and the world on Tuesday, had their eyes on Georgia and the two senate runoff elections that would determine the majority in the United States senate. And one of the races has NBA ties, with Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler being the owner of the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream, in a runoff against Raphael Warnock.

As of this publishing, Warnock has declared victory with still some votes to be counted and him in the lead of Loeffler. With the election looking like it will go against Loeffler, who has questioned why WNBA players should say “Black Lives Matter,” LeBron James took the occasion as an opportunity to call his shot with trying to get Loeffler out of professional basketball by announcing he wants to organize an ownership group for the Atlanta Dream. James tweeted:

Think I’m gone put together an ownership group for the The Dream. Whose in? #BlackVotesMatter

The Dream, because of being owned by Loeffler, were the loudest advocates for Warnock in the lead up to the 2020 election by wearing “Vote Warnock” shirts during their games in the WNBA Bubble in Bradenton, Florida.

SOURCE: LeBronWire

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