Selena Gomez and BlackPink Droped Long-awaited ‘Ice Cream’

The K-pop girl band in collaboration with American Pop queen has dropped a tasty summer treats for their fans. The long-awaited collaboration between Selena Gomez and BlackPink is officially released now. In just a few hours of the drop, the ‘Ice Cream’ reached millions of views on YouTube.

Both the music and video of the song were loved by the fans. It is being termed as delicious bubblegum pop. The video of ‘Ice Cream’ features Selena and BlackPink dressed in sporting tennis rackets, serving delicious ice cream.

This was a nice treat for Selenators who have been waiting for this collaboration. However, the BLINKs were not happy about giving not enough lines and screen times to Jisoo. They believe that she deserved more. 

Within hours after the release of the song, Jisoo became the second-highest worldwide trend on Twitter. The BLINKs took Twitter to protest and express their disappointment. 

BLINKs’ favorite Jisoo got only two solo lines in the second verse of the song. On the side, other singers ended up with full verses and the solo section in the chorus. Many BLINKs expressed their opinion that despite getting only two lines Jisoo was far better than others.

It should be noted that ‘Ice Cream’ was the second song from Rose’s debut album after she dropped ‘How You Like That’ in June this year. The K-pop girl is set to release her Korean Language debut album in October this year. The name of the album is expected to be ‘BlackPink: The Album”. According to the sources, this album will contain 11 tracks. 

‘Ice Cream’ was teased multiple times by the girls before its final release. Earlier, Selena and BlackPink share a video on Instagram in which they suggested the collaboration.

“We are really glad that you are on it because we have been a big fan of yours for a long time,” BlackPink told Selena. Former Disney starlet replied by saying that she is ‘stocked’, it was like a dream coming true for her, and she cannot wait for the opportunity. 

Additionally, the video of the song is a stylistic treat too. Different accessories used by the stars in the video portray the individual style of each member. BlackPink in their email to a popular magazine told that they tried to have a suitable look for each member an focused on using bright colors to collaborate with the overall vibe of the song. “We really wanted to portray that fun, bright, summer energy through our outfits, and we hope this message went through to our fans,” BlackPink wrote in the email. 

The song and the video were an amazing treat for the fans in such harsh times when COVID-19 is spreading and people are facing a difficult time to save themselves from it.

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