Not Your Usual 1-8 Series: LA Lakers and the Portland Trailblazers

Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis / MJ Images

Fans and some experts have started to say that the Portland Trail Blazers haven’t played like a No. 8 seed and others have added that the Los Angeles Lakers don’t look like a No. 1 seed as well.  In fact, the first game of this series has made some fans question whether the four-month break the NBA had to take during the coronavirus and how it has affected the game. Obviously, it’s not a physical issue that the Lakers are dealing with, but it’s within that draws a different picture. It’s the on-court chemistry that seems to be missing for LA. On the other side, Portland has found the right medicine during this pandemic, at least in the offensive position.

No matter what is said out of the court, fans should expect some startling things to happen in the bubble in the Lakers 1-8 series against the Trail Blazers considering how insane it is that the Blazers even made the playoffs at all.  Against the odds, the Trail Blazers made the postseason by winning a wild final regular-season game followed by winning a forced game in a play-in series against the No. 9 Memphis Grizzlies. In-game one of this series in LA, Portland robbed the Lakers in the fourth quarter to take away the game, capitalizing on a heavy shooting evening for the No. 1 seed. Doing so, the odds are definitely looking up for the Blazers being that teams winning Game 1 of a playoff series go on to win the series nearly 77% of the time.

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