Britney Spears shares her Philosophy of Life on Social Media

Britney Spears attracted a huge following on social media after she posted a philosophical post on her Instagram handle. The American pop star is in a difficult condition as no action is being taken in her case to remove her father as her conservator in the court hearing that took place in a Los Angeles court last Wednesday.

The post was shared with a photo of Spears holding a tiny daisy in her hand. She talked about having comfort in traditions and spending time in meditation and prayer. There was no mention of the Wednesday hearing.

At the very beginning of her post, the pop queen established a philosophical tone by saying, “It’s the little things …. and I have no idea what I was thinking when I got a freaking black ink triangle on my right hand !!!”

She went on to describe her quarantine routine. She wrote that during her quarantine period she wanted to bake homemade bread hang her clothes outside and staying away from her phone. She also added that she wanted to meditate and pray to find comfort. “spending more time meditating and praying …. and finally my inner grace !!!” she added.

She ended by describing the importance of old traditions and the meaning of life. 38 years old pop star wrote, “Going back to the old traditions and understand life has a more meaning….also living for a beautiful surprise life is guaranteed to give !!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!”

The post was followed by two old pictures of Britney in which she was wearing a blue and white-colored peasant’s blouse.

The philosophical post followed by old pictures sparked a huge wave of worry among fans and #FreeBritney supporters who claimed that she is not well and something is going on with her life. Fans were seen worried about her welfare. Some also said that the American pop queen is being held as a hostage by her caretaker and these are fake posts that aim at persuading the fans that she is alright.

Britney’s old friend Jason joined her fans in a #FreeBritney rally outside downtown Los Angeles. There Jason talked about his recent text conversation with Britney. He said that the pop queen wanted conservatorship to end.

“She does get to do things, you know got to vacation for a week, but it’s all supervised,” Jason said while addressing the rally.  He also added that Britney is not allowed to live her life as she wants to. He also told that the conservatorship is affecting the social and family life of Britney.

 It is worth mentioning that Britney was subjected to conservatorship in 2009 because of her high profile breakup that leads to mental illness. Due to this, her father was given her custody, wealth, and responsibility of making decisions on her behalf. Recently her father got ill and her caretaker Jodi Montgomery took his place. Britney has filed a petition in court to allow Jodi to continue permanently in the role.

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