A Plague of Injured Arms

MLB looks like it has its own pitcher injury-plagued season this year and it’s believed to be related to the Coronavirus pandemic. There has been a swing of pitchers on the Injured List with arm-related trips to the IL with injuries just as biceps/triceps tendonitis and elbow wounds. Many feel that it has to do with the number of postponed games due to the pandemic and the late beginning of this season.

Elsa/Getty Images

There are 39 pitchers on the non-related to Covid19 IL since the beginning of the regular season on July 24. That’s double the typical list of injuries of this part of the season. The odd schedule in the 60-game season with postponed games and series may have added to that. There have been 37 games delayed this year due to players testing positive of Covid19. Taking a pitcher out of their normal routine has added to the increasing amount of injuries. The start the baseball season usually as the pitcher slowly works their way up to regular-season during spring training in a safer way.

Unfortunately, doing so was delayed only two weeks before the original plan of having Opening Day in April 2020. A big question is being asked as to which of the MLB players, especially the pitchers, as to who took hold of the four-month break and those that didn’t. Even those that did keep their health in mind did not have access to the appropriate way of staying in shape and the equipment to do so. If the MLB is still able to have its playoffs starting in September, who’s going to be healthy enough to pitch? Which of those that are healthy in the bullpen are going to want to put themselves at such a risk during these crazy times?

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