McDonald’s will require all customers to wear masks starting next month

McDonald’s on Friday announced that all customers will be required to wear face coverings when entering one of its fast-food restaurants.

The change, which kicks in Aug. 1, is part of a number of new safety measures being implemented by the Golden Arches. The burger chain is also pausing dining room reopening for another 30 days, it said in a press release, as well as installing new plastic dividers in both the front and back of its restaurants.

“While nearly 82 percent of our restaurants are in states or localities that require facial coverings for both crew and customers today, it’s important we protect the safety of all employees and customers,” the company said.

McDonald’s is following the lead of giants like Walmart, CVS and Target, which in recent weeks have required customers to wear a mask if they want to enter the premises.

In a nod to recent blowups between employees at these businesses and customers who refuse to cover their faces, McDonald’s said it “will provide training for our restaurant staff to ensure they are prepared to address this new policy in a friendly and positive way.”

It added that it would be re-sharing resources to “employees who want to revisit de-escalation training.”


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