Orlando City draws with LAFC

Orlando, Florida (September 7, 2019) – Orlando City SC needed to do one thing and one thing only, win. This was an important game for the Lions and the top team in the Western Conference would denied them the win even without their star player Carlos Vela.

There were something significantly different about the Orlando City team, they were really hungry, they really wanted to win and you can see how much they’ve prepared for this match. With all of the preparation, they still face a weakness, they tend to cave under pressure and not do as well in the second half of the match.

Head Coach James O’Connor said “[I’m] very proud of the players. I thought the effort they gave tonight was excellent. I thought the commitment was fantastic. I think when the officials maybe go back and have a look at it I think they’ll perhaps be a little bit disappointed with their performance. Our performance I thought was excellent, I thought the guys gave everything. When you look at how good LAFC are, you look at how we managed the game and you look at the problems we caused them and on another night we would’ve won the game.”

Currently, the Lions are have the ninth seat in the Eastern conference and LAFC has the top stop in the Western Conference.

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