Nelson Agholor invites Philly hero who roasted him on local news to Eagles home game

Eagles receiver Nelson Agholor

Nelson Agholor has his priorities straight.

The Philadelphia wide receiver has caught a lot of flack from Eagles fans over miscues in recent games that included a pair of drops and a fumble during Sunday’s 27-24 loss to the Detroit Lions.

But he didn’t lash out or even defend his play in the face of his most pointed critic on Monday. Instead, he made a welcoming gesture to a fan who called him out on the local news.

Said critic wasn’t just some random Twitter troll or fan caught screaming at Agholor at a game. He’s a bonafide Philadelphia hero.

Hero calls Nelson Agholor out

Hakim Laws passed a burning building while walking early Monday morning on a Philadelphia street. When a family on an upper floor was trapped by the smoke below, Laws took action.

A man who identified himself as Hakim Lewis ripped Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor while he described a rescue during a West Philadelphia fire early Monday morning.

He said he tried to help by running up the stairs, where he was blocked by the smoke. When he came back down, he saw fire trucks getting ladders ready to assist. Laws, who says he’s a former fire fighter, helped the rescue team get children out of the building.

‘Unlike Agholor’

“My man just starts throwing babies out the window,” Laws said. “And we was catching them. Unlike Agholor.”

Nobody suffered major injury in the fire, according to local reports.

First off, what a hero. Secondly, ouch. Sick Agholor diss.

Agholor’s classy response

Agholor heard the story and took the criticism in stride, recognizing that there were larger issues at play here than the outcome of a football game.

Rather than respond to the criticism, Agholor invited Laws and his family to an Eagles home game.

So far, there’s not word on whether Agholor was able to find Laws. But here’s guessing the people of Philadelphia will make this happen.

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